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Sophie started her dog training career at Headway suffolk, where she was the co-ordinator of a unique scheme called Brainy dogs. In the role she helped coach a variety of people from those suffering with mental health through to prisoners and probationers how to train dogs. The majority of dogs were rescue dogs who were trained with Sophies guidance to be life changing companions to people with neurological conditions. In addition to this she also trained her own dogs to be rehab dogs with whom she travelled around care homes and other establishments,  changing the lives of who she met. The role was extremely rewarding and enabled Sophie to work with a variety of people and dogs: even meeting celebrities along her journey, not least of all Prince Harry. Her biggest achievement whilst working at Brainy dogs was the day she was deemed a local hero by the national lottery.

But the scheme was lottery funded and with the end of the funding coming to a close, she was ecstatic when Lesley Mann asked her to take over Acorn Dog Training Club. 

Since then she has put her heart and soul in to the club and is proud to see it now expanding to offer a wide variety of activities for both pet and competition dogs. 

She competes her own dogs regularly in both scent work and competitive obedience and is looking forward to trying her hand at heelwork to music soon.

Sophies main aim is to provide a fun and motivational environment in which dogs and owners want to learn and train. Her training methods are reward based for the dogs and laughter based for the humans! Her recipe for success is evident to see with the continued need for expansion within the club and she looks forward to welcoming you too.




Dogs have always been part of Karen's life for as long as she can remember. From the family dogs she had whilst growing up in Sussex, to the dogs that have been with her into adulthood. She knows from personal experience how rewarding dog ownership can be. She shares her life with a lively, tenacious terrier called Skip  and ready 'n raring to go Roxy, a rescue lab mixed breed; Karen knows only too well how much hard work it took to train Skip and Roxy effectively to their strengths.

Karen has trained and competed in Agility as well as Flyball and even made it to compete at Crufts in both sports. She also enjoys taking part in other dog sports such as UK and FCI Obedience, Gundogs, Parkour, Canicross, Scentwork and Hoopers.

From running her own business in Berkshire to this exciting new adventure with Acorn Dog Training club, you can be assured that Karen keeps her knowledge up to date with the latest training techniques. She is an accredited trainer with ATBC, IMDT as well as an active member of Pro Dog Trainer, School Canine Science, Kids Around Dogs and Scentwork UK. In addition, she has given her services to Canine Assisted Learning to provide handlers to work as Assistance Dogs within schools or workplaces.
Karen's aim as a dog trainer is to encourage the development of a fun, positive and reward-based bond between you and your dog and she finds it immeasurably enjoyable to be able to support you and your dog through the journey of training your best friend for life.


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Zoe is our trainer over at Kembroke Kennels and can train your dog for you whilst you are away.

She has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and has been a longstanding member of staff at the kennels. Zoe also has a long history with the club and assisted with the puppy courses for many years.

Zoes wealth of knowledge with all breeds of dogs makes her the perfect trainer to trust your dog with whilst you are on holiday. She will provide you with a full write up of training which has taken place and will give you an insight of why your dog is doing what they do and how you can change it.

Zoe is also the main trainer at our fun agility courses, assisted by Sophie. Zoe has competed for many years in agility and her expertise are bound to get you and your dog on the right track

big surprise


Being deemed a local hero- a day Sophie will never forget

"Being told I was judging some scouts artwork, I merrily set off with my colleague to go

and see some doggy drawings - little did I know what was waiting for me when I walked through the door."

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