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After obtaining my Bsc Hons Degree in animal management I knew I wanted to train dogs for a living. Initially I thought I would follow the assistance dog route, but with a large university debt hanging over me, I couldn't afford to move away to where the jobs were. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I obtained a job in a care home, where I discovered the true effect that dogs can have on people. 


When my Boxer dog came in for the day I witnessed people transform into a long forgotten version of themselves, even hearing one lady speak who had never spoken clearly in the whole time I had worked there! This was the beginning of my journey into animal assisted activities.

It was a few years later when I saw Headway Suffolk were advertising a unique role training rescue dogs for clients with a neurological condition and knew I just had to apply. I started that role in 2011 and finished in 2022 - when I took over the club. 

In this role, I was very fortunate to work with numerous dogs, a wide variety of owners and volunteers. I consider myself lucky to have been able to work alongside prisoners, probationers, clients with poor mental health, learning disabilities and children that have struggled in mainstream education. 

I was also very honoured to meet a number of celebrities; and was even deemed a local hero by the national lottery for the work I did.


However with funding coming to an end, when I was asked by Lesley to take over the club, I couldn't refuse.

I am excited to keep on expanding the club, and very much look forward to you becoming a part of it!!



​Acorn Dog Training is a Kennel Club Listed Club; offering the opportunity to train for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, which is a national pet dog training scheme. Our training methods are based on motivation and reward. Our aim is to help you to train your dog to become a sociable and well-mannered pet, that is a pleasure to own.


​The club's training classes are hugely beneficial for both dogs and owners that are also great fun. We are a friendly club and welcome new members readily. We hold regular fundraising events for various dog charities along with many different workshops and courses for both dogs and owners alike.

Watch our video to find out more

big surprise


Being deemed a local hero- a day I will never forget

Being told I was judging some scouts artwork, I merrily set off with my colleague to go

and see some doggy drawings - little did I know what was waiting for me when I walked through the door.

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