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Agility is great fun for all breeds of dogs- and certainly isn't just for those who wish to compete.

It can be a great outlet for some dogs whilst building confidence in others and our courses are designed for all.

With foundation courses to begin with followed on by progressive courses, we cater for all levels and abilities.


Simply look at our upcoming courses to see what you can book today.


Nose work is becoming more and more popular within the UK- why? Because your dog's sense of smell is up to 100,000 x better than yours. So, this activity is not only great fun, but it has BIG advantages to your dog's mental well-being.

Weekly classes are held on Wednesday afternoons for competition level dogs.

Foundation courses are held throughout the year - please contact us to find out more or book your space.

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Our Gundog training is a wonderful introduction to the world of Gundogs! These classes will equip you with the skills to be able to safely manage your dog in a variety of environments by providing them with an outlet for their natural instincts and behaviours.

It is ideal for ANY breed whose owner would like to try gundog training for fun or as a foundation to moving to a gundog club in the future.

We use positive reinforcement and force-free methods. These classes will cover basic obedience with calmness, plus whistle and retrieve training. All training is designed to produce a happy and obedient dog.


Whether you are new to the world of dog sports or looking to increase your knowledge of Hoopers, we will put you on the right track with our 6-week Beginners Hoopers classes.

Hoopers is a fun dog sport that is ideal for any dog - Daxies to Danes, no breed is excluded – and any fitness. Using low-impact equipment such as hoops, barrels and tunnels, watch as your dog learns to take a flowing course with you as their guiding force. The courses don’t involve tight turns, which makes it accessible for everyone!

Hoopers is focused on the dog and owner working together as a team. This means it is a great bonding activity for the pair of you.

Dogs can start Hoopers from 6 months of age.

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We currently offer Recall, Loose Lead and Social Skills workshops.


Is your dog selectively deaf? Maybe you are fed up of being ignored by your dog? Perhaps your dog enjoys chasing and rarely chooses to listen? Let us share our secrets to a robust, reliable and rapid recall in this workshop. With our workshop, you will implement clear boundaries and break old habits to gain control over when your dog is off lead. You will leave with a toolbox of skills to support and communicate with your dog to ensure every walk is a success.


Loose Lead

Our Loose Lead workshop will become the starting point for you teaching your dog to walk nicely at your side, despite distractions. It will equip you with all the skills you need to motivate your dog to stay by your side so you can become a Legendary Loose Leader!


Social Skills

This workshop will load your toolbox with activities designed to reduce your dog’s arousal in real life situations. Good social skills for your dog is very important. Learning to be calm in any environment and to be confident around other dogs will form the foundations for this workshop. Using fun and motivational techniques, you and your dog will leave happy and positive, secure in the knowledge of how to respond with whatever the environment throws at you.

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